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Below are a list of services that MD Consulting Solutions offers

Billing and Collections

We provide medical billing services and claim life cycle management to private practices. We navigate the intricacies of insurance industry practices start to finish and remove obstacles to help facilitate the success of your business.

Practice Management

We employ experts in just about every aspect of healthcare consulting and practice management. Our clients include medical practices private and groups, nurse practitioners and physician assistants and urgent care clinics, throughout Southern California.

Contracting and Credentialing

It has become more important than ever for providers to be IN network with insurance companies. While critical to the success of a medical practice or medical group, credentialing is complex and is time-consuming. Let us handle the work for you.

Data Analysis

Our Data analysis team processes the data by inspecting, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information. Our team comes with conclusions, and supporting decision-making by codifying your financial data to make an informed decision.

Project Management

Our Project Management team will be responsible for ensuring that all patient facing staff are following workflows, metrics for which performance and utilization are met, and for creating efficiency across the individual medical departments.

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